Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Elizabeth's Blogger Wikis: Install Android-x86 Remix OS on partitoned EXT4 Hard Drive Part #2

Google and Android tips & Tricks: Install Android-x86 Remix OS on partitoned EXT4 Hard Drive
In the previous post, there are directions for setting up Remix OS on an EXT4 partition, or any other partition you wish.  Remix OS has come out with a new version, so the previous directions will not quite work.  Once you have setup the partition for Remix OS, here are the steps to run it off a hard drive.

  1. Download Android-X86 4.4 R5 , it can either be burn to a CD/DVD or dd it to a USB stick.  for a USB stick, sudo dd if=~/Downloads/android-x86-4.4-r5.iso
  2. Reboot your PC with the USB stick or CD/DVD still in, bios settings my have to be configured depending on your own PC bios settings to boot from a USB.
  3. If you are dual booting, you will need another empty USB stick, and select install Android-x86.
  4. Now put in the empty USB stick and select detect drives.
  5. Install Android-X86-4.4-R5 to the empty USB stick, say yes to installing grub and if your PC supports EFI, yes to grub2.
  6. Once installation is complete, remove the USB where Android-X86 is installed on, leave in the installation USB or CD and reboot. 
  7. Now install Android-X86-4.4-R5 to the partition, say NO to grub and NO to grub2.

Now you need to reboot into your main OS, Windows or Ubuntu.  As mentioned before, if you want to run Android on EXT2, EXT3, EXT4, windows does not like these partitions, so Linux will be needed.

  1. If using Ubuntu, an archive manager will work, If using Windows you can download use Winrar or WinISO.
  2. Open Remix ISO in whichever Archive program chosen, select everything EXCEPT the efi directory and a folder showing two periods, then extract to the root of the Hard Drive where Remix is going to be run from, as well as, to the Root of where Android-x86-4.4-R5 is installed.
  3. Now in file manager open up /boot/grub/grub.cfg and add the following to the bottom.

menuentry 'Resident mode - All your data and apps are saved ' --class android-x86 {
    search --file --no-floppy --set=root /kernel
    linuxefi /kernel root=/dev/ram0 androidboot.hardware=remix_x86_64 androidboot.selinux=permissive quiet DATA= /data=1
    initrdefi /initrd.img

Reboot your PC now with the Android-X86 installation USB stick in the PC, select the Resident mode - All your data and apps are saved and wait for Remix to load.

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