Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Install Android-x86 Remix OS on partitoned EXT4 Hard Drive

Decided to try out android-x86 Remix OS a few days ago but was having a few issues with getting it to boot up, then finally got it to boot today but it kept freezing after installing apps from Google Store.  Finally tonight figured that the freezing issue had to do with either because it was running on a fat32 partition or data being saved into the data.img file.  Thinking, how can I get data to install to a directory instead of an image, and would this be beneficial, so after a little more playing around, finally got it working.

  1. Download the official ISO from Android-X86, Optional: if you have extra USB sticks, or a blank CD/DVD, you can burn the iso to a blank cd or use the USB tool provided in the zip file that is provided with the Remix OS ISO.
  2. Now download a partition program, or Ubuntu-Live CD
  3. For windows users, the Remix ISO comes with a USB image writting program, this will work as well to create a bootable Ubuntu-Live USB stick as well.
  4. Once the Ubuntu Live is ready, leave the USB stick in the, select the option to try Ubuntu and once booted up into Ubuntu open a terminal and type sudo gparted 
  5. Here is where you need to modify the space that Remix OS is going to be installed on, what needs to be done is the space needs to be re-sized, of your choosing, I chose 115gb but that much is not needed.  Right click  and select resize, now you will have a new partition, on that new partion right click again and select new.  From there you can format the partition to EXT4.
  6. Close gparted, now that Ubuntu is loaded, you can dd that image you saved to a new USB stick.  If you are already using ubuntu, you can, in the terminal window type sudo dd if=location of=Remix_OS_for_PC_64_B2016020201_Alpha_Legacy.iso of=/dev/sdbX.  If you feel more compfortable rebooting into windows and using the Remix USB tool, then feel free, but since windoze hates EXT4 you will need to boot back into Ubuntu-Live.
  7. In Ubuntu Live, open up file manager, insert the Remix OS usb stick and go to /efi/boot/ and open grub.cfg.  grub.cfg is where you will see DATA= CREATE_DATA_IMG=1, change CREATE_DATA_IMG=1 as DATA= /data=1, leave everything else as is, save.

  8. Now go to the root of the USB stick and select everything, copy and now paste it to the new EXT4 partition.
  9. On both the USB stick and partition create an empty directory called data.
  10. Now reboot, remove the Ubuntu Live Stick and leave the Remix OS USB stick in.  While booting you will see a message at the top of the screen stating that Android-x86 was found on /dev/sdaX
To see if it worked, open up file manager, select settings and see how much space you have.

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