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Saturday, May 30, 2009

how to add your isp email in gmail

If you are thinking about getting rid of your old ISP email because of spam, or already have. Another options is adding it to your gmail, then you can block the spam from there.

  1. In your gmail account click on settings in the top right of your inbox.
  2. Go to accounts
  3. Select Add a mail account you own
  4. Enter your email address and select next step
From there it is pretty straight forward. Gmail is good about reconizing your ISPs pop account. If it isn't listed, you will have to contact your ISP to get it if you already don't have it.

This is handy for those who want to change to Gmail because of all the spam mail they are getting. You can block spam when it comes in from other accounts that you add.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Upload multiple documents to google docs

For the past few days my mother and I have been looking for some way to be able to upload multiple word documents to Google Docs, and we were starting to think that it might not be possible. Well for those of you who may not know, there is a way. Although it is still in beta, it makes the task much easier.

You can download the Documents List Uploader from the Official Google Data API Code Blog. It is still in testing, but it works. Right now she is uploading her three hundred plus documents.

Unfortunately you can't upload multiple folders, but you can upload multiple documents. What I suggest that you do though is:

1. Open three the following three windows,
Your windows explorer window where the documents are located
Google List Uploader
Your Webrowser open at Google Docs Site.

2. Upload your documents to the Google List Uploader, don't worry about what you are seeing in that window, you will only confuse yourself

3. Go to Google Docs in your web browser, and create a new folder, select all the documents for that folder and click on Move To. Move the files to the folder you want and repeat.

It may still seem somewhat repetitive, but not as much as doing it one file at a time.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

How to add gadgets to your blog

If you find a gadget that you want to add to your blog, but it only gives you the HTML and/or JavaScript, you can add it to blogspot by copying the Gadget code from the Gadget Page, going into Layout then click on Add Gadget. A new window will open, select the HTML/JavaScript Gadget, and paste the Script in the window. Click Save and your all set.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

How to create 100 pages on Google Sites

Google Sites only allows 100mb of space. When you place images on the site, it uses up space. Some images can be as bit as five megabytes. If you look at my page, you will see all types of banners, images etc.

How I did this is simply for my navigation bar links, I went to cooltext.com and created my text there. As long as you are registered, you can host the images when you are done from their site. After you render you image, select HTML. Next go back to your google site, and select the Change Appearance Option, Add a bar that is for text, click on edit, then go to HTML and paste the cooltext.com HTML in there.

If you have images that you need all the time, such as backgrounds and site logos, simply create a new page, and select image page. You can upload images there, and delete whatever you don't need. Then when you need to link to an image on your site, you can have it simply point there.

The image page is good to be found when people are doing a search for images. In your site settings, you will see an option asking if you want your images to be crawled. This is a good idea if you are trying to promote your website.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How to add adsense to your google site

For your website:

1. Click on edit then select insert, and select more at the bottom.

2. Do a search for Adsense.

3. Select the adsense gadget that describes that you can put in your own custom slot-id and pub-id.

4. In your adsense, manage ads, on the top right you will see pub-###### the number is your publisher ID and below the google ad you created in the list of google ads just below the name you gave the ad is your slot-id.

5. Copy the slot-id and paste it in the adsense gadget on your google site that says slot-id.

6. Go back to your adsense manage ads page, and then copy the pub-id in the adsense manage ads area and paste that in the pub-id box on your Google Site.

7. Select the size of the add, in the manage ads, you can find that on the right of your ad name, you need to make the height and width the same in both areas for your ad to show properly.

8. Select OK, save your page once you have positioned your ad correctly, you should be all set!

NOTE: Sometimes it takes a few minutes for the add to register, and you will see a blank screen, just give it a few minutes, and it should be fine.

Filter Spam in Gmail

In your gmail account you can filter spam a few different ways. If you only get a few spam messages a day, you can just tick the box(s) on the left that you want sent to spam, then click report spam above your inbox.

If you get a lot of spam mail like I do daily, you can also have them automatically sent to your trash.

1. In your gmail inbox in the top right corner next to your email address you will see settings, click on that.

2. Make sure the maximum page size is set to 25. Gmail only lets you apply filters to 25 emails at a time, so this makes it easier. Click on save on the bottom of the page.

3. If the spam is already in your spam box, you are going to have to apply these rules:

a. Click on all just above the messages, and then select the last tab that says more actions then select filter messages like these.
b. Select the next step
c. Check the two boxes that say delete it and never send it to spam. If you don't do this, the emails will still go to your spam box.

Update: There is a spammer that appears to be a spoofer. You will get those emails with the me in the subject field, and your email and the sender. The person is using some type of program to fake the email, probably an auto thing. If you look in the spam mail from me, and click on details by the spammers name you will see . If you look in any other email you will notice there is no <> just the email address.

If you try to block this, it blocks your email and you will get an error when sending out emails. You can either:
1. Go to Settings
2. click on filters
3. press ctrl+f in your browser and search for your email
4. edit the filter, and delete your email.

Unfortunatlly this will only make the me spam mail come into your inbox again. So the only other suggestion for now from what I can find, is use the extra step until they fix it.

4. If the spam mails are already in your inbox, then just follow the same steps above, but you do not have to tick the never send it to spam check box because it isn't reported spam yet.

How to add an outside gadget to google sites.

There is a way to do this. You can see mine on my website to get an idea. First open two tabs, one for your Google Site, and one for your blog.

1. First you want to create a new blog

2. Select any template for now, then click on the Layout tab

3. Now you want to change the template, choose simple.

2. Click on the layout tab. and select Edit HTML

5. Add this line:
#navbar-iframe {
display: none !important;
put it right under the name of the blog template author, just after the */
This line takes out the blog nav bar on top.

4. Look for the following text:
body {
font-size: small;
background:#946496 repeat;

5. Click on your google site tab, and look for the image you uploaded. Right Click, and copy image location.

6. Click back to your blog tab and add the following line to the code in step 4:
background: #00000 url{url pointing to your image on your google site)

7. Click back on layout tab, and add a gadget. Select the HTML/JavaScript Gadget and paster your gadget code in the window.

8. Save and then click back to your website. Go to the page where you want the gadget, and select edit.

9. Click on insert, and then select more.

10. Do a search for Iframe

11. I prefer the one that says include gadget (iframe). You can turn off the scroll bar and choose your height and width.

12. Once you have your iframe the way you want it, click save.

This is good for gadgets that have multi functions, like a music gadget. Some gadgets you can add using the add by url when you click on more to insert gadgets, but this will only work for gadgets with one function.

You can also do this On the blog, but your really don't need to, unless you want to run seperate advertisements, like the ones that you get from widgetbucks. If you want to see how it looks, just visit my website just click on my website link on the top right.

http://elizabethgadget.blogspot.com to see how my gadget looks by itself.


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