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Friday, October 30, 2009

Download and install free Adobe Reader 9.xx on Linux, Windows and Ubuntu

After searching for a bit, I found the link, here it is. For Linux users, as you may already know, Adobe Reader 9 has plenty of tools that you are limited to under Windows unless you want to shell out plenty of cash. Great news for you 64 bit users, Adobe has also made a version for you now.

You can also visit Adobe Online and upload PDF files and convert documents and images to a PDF file.  These uploaded PDF documents can than be used to embed in a blog post. Works with a variety of social networking groups like Blogger, Wordpress and FaceBook as a few of many examples.

Click here to download Adobe Reader 9.xx for your OS.

Click here to convert and/or upload  your PDF files today.

Friday, July 31, 2009

How to create a YouTube video from an image file or PDF file

First you will need DeVeDe. DeVeDe is available for windows and linux. If you wish to create a video from a PDF file, than you will need to save each page as an image by right clicking on the PDF document and saving image as.

If right clicking does not give you the option to save image as, than you are going to have to manually copy and paste the page into an image editor.

Note: all images must be in PNG format.

devede3.12.2-setup.msi (30.9 MB) - Download for free (torrent) When possible please use this torrent.

devede3.12.2-setup.msi (30.9 MB) - Download for free (direct, averages over 100 downloads a day)

Click here to download DeVeDe 3.14.0 in TAR.BZ2 format (1614 Kbytes).

Click here to download DeVeDe 3.14.0 in DEB format (1550 Kbytes) for Debian, Ubuntu...

Click here to download the package with the old versions (0.99rc8) of Mplayer/Mencoder (6 Mbytes).

Click here to download the package with the old versions (0.99rc8) of Mplayer/Mencoder for 64bit (6 Mbytes).

Friday, July 17, 2009

Get a free small domain - How to setup web host redirect on blogger and google sites

No-ip has a free host redirect and ftp url feature. If you want to serve your blog via FTP, no-ip is a great option. Then you can choose that domain name you always wanted, but couldn't because it was already taken. Tonight I finally got around to successfully setting up no-ip so that I could have the domain name http://moneyblog.serveblog.net, and this is how I did it.

  1. Go to No-IP and if you already do not have one, setup a free account.
  2. Once you are setup and verified, go to manage your account and click on Hosts/Redirects in the upper left corner.
  3. Now you want click on Add Host
  4. Click on Web Redirect and enter you blog URL
  5. Now put in your page title, you will need to add your meta tag in the meta keywords box, but you cannot do this yet until you add your new domain to webmaster tools so for right now click save.
  6. Keep the tab open and open a new tab and in the new tab go to webmaster tools and you want to add your new no-ip domain name.
  7. Next you need to verify the host redirect name from no-ip, you need to use the meta tag option. Copy your meta tag that google gives you.
  8. Go back to the No-IP tab and click on modify and paste the meta tag in keywords. NOTE: You need to take out everything except for the V1 and the numbers. If you don't it will not work. So in the meta keywords in the modify section of no-ip has to be exactly like this verify-v1 t2E4QMC9V1MhVKbQWrCGdUiKImG4cmj/7s+7SGkvCD4
  9. Next you need to open a new tab and go to your blog.
  10. Click on layout, and then select EDIT HTML
  11. Copy and paste the Meta Tag after the head tag. Since you did not copy and paste anything else it should paste just fine, leave that meta tag as is this time.
  12. Now go back to Webmaster Tools and click verify. You may have to wait a few minutes.
  13. Now try your new domain.
NOTE: This also works for google sites, follow the rules above, but when you reach step 11, you need to go to your google site, click on more actions, go to other on the left, and paste the meta tag over your old meta tag, then verify in webmaster tools. On google sites you can then click on the domain names, and add your no-ip domain name once everything is verified.

Try mine: MoneyBlog and MoneyBlog
These link back to my blog
Google site Online Money Information

How to submit Website URL to Bing using Bing Webmasters Tools

Lately there has been ads running, as you may have noticed, in your Google ads for bing. Microsoft owns bing's search engine and recently it dawned on me that maybe it is a good idea to submit my blog to bing as well.

  1. To submit a site to bing, if you already do not have one, you will need to login using your Windows LiveID or signup for one.
  2. Next you need to go to Bing Webmaster Tools page to add your site.
  3. When submitting your site, all you really need to do is add your url than click the submit site button
  4. Now since you are submitting a blog, it is easier to add just the meta tag, copy and paste the meta tag right below your head tab and than save your template.
  5. Once you click submit, you will see your blog in a list, click on the blog url and bing will than verify your URL.
Here is a post I did about getting a shorter URL using no-ip. This makes it easier so if you ever decide to change your blog's URL, you always have the no-ip URL pointing to whichever new blog name you might choose.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

What is feedburner

If you do not already know what feedburner is, then here is the scoop. Feedburner is a way to burn your feeds and then have people subscribe via RSS. If you ever wondered what Adsense for Domains was, well that is where they run, is in feedburner, and possibly some others. Once a person subscribes to your blog via RSS, they can add it to their google reader account, then just scroll through the blogs. This is another nice way of earning with your google adsense ads, and you can view several blogs just by looking at them in your RSS. When you go to the feedburner website, burning a feed has very simple walk through.

You can also signup for twitterfeed, and tweet your posts using feedburner.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Cannot upload an image to my blog on Google Blogspot

There have been known issues with uploading images to blogger on blogspot recently. Here is a way that I add images to my blog posts. This way is a little better because you can resize the images after you add them to your post.

Using these three easy steps enables you move them around to where you want them in the actual blog post.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

1-2-3 How to convert a YouTube/Flash Movie Video to a DVD

So now you found that full length movie on YouTube but would much rather watch it on your television. Here is how you can do this for free.

You will need:
FlashGot - FireFox add-on for grabbing flash videos and saving them to your hard drive.
DeVeDe - Free video conversion software for windows and Linux. DeVeDe converts almost every type of movie file to DVD, DIVX, SVCD to just name a few.

  1. Now that you have installed flashgot in FireFox, you can go to Tools on your menu and go down to flashgot then select flashgot all. It will ask you where you would like to save your files, select your location. It is a good idea to save everything into one folder because not only will the videos download but some other files as well.
  2. Now that your download is complete open DeVeDe. In DeVeDe you need to add your flash videos. In the right side window select add and now browse to the folder where you saved your flash files. Select the .flv files
  3. You can choose different options on quality of sound and picture. Each video part has to be edited one part at a time. So that means if you decide to interlace the picture quality and use the convert to AC3 audio, than this has to be done for each individual file.

Friday, June 26, 2009

How to insert a slide show into a blog post

Yesterday I needed a slide show for one of my posts. Hearing that you could insert Google Docs into a post I decided to explore. Here is a power point presentation on how to just do that. You can also view the presentation in a new window by clicking menu then selecting the presentation title.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Enhance your Google Experience with FireFox

Google and FireFox work together in ways that are excellent and will make your experience with Google more fun and easier. On your FireFox menu bar select Tools and then select add-ons. Next do a search for Google and Gmail. You will find add-ons for FireFox for all of those things you always wanted to do with your Google Account but thought you couldn't.

Some of the nice little addons that are my personal favorite are:

  1. Firefox Universal Uploader (fireuploader) 0.4.1 - Upload to a wide list of web-sites, including Google Docs.
  2. Gmail Checker/Gmail Notifier - Run your gmail in your browser bar, also has the ability to check multiple inboxes.
  3. PowerBar - Not the best looking bar, but is big and has shortcuts for all Google features as well as a ton of other things.
  4. Stumble-Upon - Browse websites and discover new things.
  5. Better Gmail - Faster and better gmail in your browser.
  6. Xoopit - Stores images, videos and documents that you receive in emails.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ideas About Starting A Home Based Business with BLOGS: Create One Way Backlinks to Your Website - wikiHow

Ideas About Starting A Home Based Business with BLOGS: Create One Way Backlinks to Your Website - wikiHow

Here is a example backlink to my other blog on how to create a backlink to receive more hits in search engines.

Great article about creating backlinks.

A really good way that is very successful for getting more hits to your site is creating backlinks from one blog to another.

To create a backlink from one of your blogs to another is simple

1. Click on the comment below your post.

2. Select the create a link below the comment box.

3. Now select which blog you would like to create the backlink on.

This will create a new post, and you can then add more information in that post. Like the article states, search engines love backlinks.

If you are having problems getting your backlinks to work make sure that it is enabled in your blogger settings.

1. Login into Blogger.

2. Click on Settings

3. Click on the Comments link

4. Make sure that the following says Backlinks Default for Posts [New Posts Has Backlinks] in the dropdown box.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Three 3 Column Pyzam Template - Left and Right Panels

Here is my three column pyzam/rounders hacked template with left and right columns. Right now I am trying to fix the fonts so that when users are changing them, it makes sense. Any background will work with this, just replace the background: url(yourimage); with your own, adjust your colors and it's ready to go.

Hopefully I can clean up some font and color glitches in it before the weekend. For those of you who have used the rounders three column blogs, you may know that once you create your left column and then try to adjust the font colors, it takes a little fiddeling.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

How to notify your twitter followers when you publish a new blog post

You want everybody to know about your new post, which of course helps you get visitors and more visitors is more money.

First go to HelloTxt and register an account. From there you will see social networks that you can link HelloTxt to. Link your networks to your ping account, you may even see a few that you would like to signup with to increase even more visitors.

Now that your account is setup on HelloTxt, go to twitterfeed, and add your blog feeds. You of course need to setup a feedburner account for this to work. Select Twitter to send your posts, about every three hours I found works, and it keeps your followers. If you have alot of followers then the every hour post may be a better option. Now your posts will tweet, which HelloTxt will pick up and do the rest for you.

Note: If you choose to send to hellotxt, your posts will be tweeted without the link to the post. Don't select your blogs, otherwise your posts will post to each of your blogs.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

how to add your isp email in gmail

If you are thinking about getting rid of your old ISP email because of spam, or already have. Another options is adding it to your gmail, then you can block the spam from there.

  1. In your gmail account click on settings in the top right of your inbox.
  2. Go to accounts
  3. Select Add a mail account you own
  4. Enter your email address and select next step
From there it is pretty straight forward. Gmail is good about reconizing your ISPs pop account. If it isn't listed, you will have to contact your ISP to get it if you already don't have it.

This is handy for those who want to change to Gmail because of all the spam mail they are getting. You can block spam when it comes in from other accounts that you add.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Upload multiple documents to google docs

For the past few days my mother and I have been looking for some way to be able to upload multiple word documents to Google Docs, and we were starting to think that it might not be possible. Well for those of you who may not know, there is a way. Although it is still in beta, it makes the task much easier.

You can download the Documents List Uploader from the Official Google Data API Code Blog. It is still in testing, but it works. Right now she is uploading her three hundred plus documents.

Unfortunately you can't upload multiple folders, but you can upload multiple documents. What I suggest that you do though is:

1. Open three the following three windows,
Your windows explorer window where the documents are located
Google List Uploader
Your Webrowser open at Google Docs Site.

2. Upload your documents to the Google List Uploader, don't worry about what you are seeing in that window, you will only confuse yourself

3. Go to Google Docs in your web browser, and create a new folder, select all the documents for that folder and click on Move To. Move the files to the folder you want and repeat.

It may still seem somewhat repetitive, but not as much as doing it one file at a time.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

How to add gadgets to your blog

If you find a gadget that you want to add to your blog, but it only gives you the HTML and/or JavaScript, you can add it to blogspot by copying the Gadget code from the Gadget Page, going into Layout then click on Add Gadget. A new window will open, select the HTML/JavaScript Gadget, and paste the Script in the window. Click Save and your all set.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

How to create 100 pages on Google Sites

Google Sites only allows 100mb of space. When you place images on the site, it uses up space. Some images can be as bit as five megabytes. If you look at my page, you will see all types of banners, images etc.

How I did this is simply for my navigation bar links, I went to cooltext.com and created my text there. As long as you are registered, you can host the images when you are done from their site. After you render you image, select HTML. Next go back to your google site, and select the Change Appearance Option, Add a bar that is for text, click on edit, then go to HTML and paste the cooltext.com HTML in there.

If you have images that you need all the time, such as backgrounds and site logos, simply create a new page, and select image page. You can upload images there, and delete whatever you don't need. Then when you need to link to an image on your site, you can have it simply point there.

The image page is good to be found when people are doing a search for images. In your site settings, you will see an option asking if you want your images to be crawled. This is a good idea if you are trying to promote your website.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How to add adsense to your google site

For your website:

1. Click on edit then select insert, and select more at the bottom.

2. Do a search for Adsense.

3. Select the adsense gadget that describes that you can put in your own custom slot-id and pub-id.

4. In your adsense, manage ads, on the top right you will see pub-###### the number is your publisher ID and below the google ad you created in the list of google ads just below the name you gave the ad is your slot-id.

5. Copy the slot-id and paste it in the adsense gadget on your google site that says slot-id.

6. Go back to your adsense manage ads page, and then copy the pub-id in the adsense manage ads area and paste that in the pub-id box on your Google Site.

7. Select the size of the add, in the manage ads, you can find that on the right of your ad name, you need to make the height and width the same in both areas for your ad to show properly.

8. Select OK, save your page once you have positioned your ad correctly, you should be all set!

NOTE: Sometimes it takes a few minutes for the add to register, and you will see a blank screen, just give it a few minutes, and it should be fine.

Filter Spam in Gmail

In your gmail account you can filter spam a few different ways. If you only get a few spam messages a day, you can just tick the box(s) on the left that you want sent to spam, then click report spam above your inbox.

If you get a lot of spam mail like I do daily, you can also have them automatically sent to your trash.

1. In your gmail inbox in the top right corner next to your email address you will see settings, click on that.

2. Make sure the maximum page size is set to 25. Gmail only lets you apply filters to 25 emails at a time, so this makes it easier. Click on save on the bottom of the page.

3. If the spam is already in your spam box, you are going to have to apply these rules:

a. Click on all just above the messages, and then select the last tab that says more actions then select filter messages like these.
b. Select the next step
c. Check the two boxes that say delete it and never send it to spam. If you don't do this, the emails will still go to your spam box.

Update: There is a spammer that appears to be a spoofer. You will get those emails with the me in the subject field, and your email and the sender. The person is using some type of program to fake the email, probably an auto thing. If you look in the spam mail from me, and click on details by the spammers name you will see . If you look in any other email you will notice there is no <> just the email address.

If you try to block this, it blocks your email and you will get an error when sending out emails. You can either:
1. Go to Settings
2. click on filters
3. press ctrl+f in your browser and search for your email
4. edit the filter, and delete your email.

Unfortunatlly this will only make the me spam mail come into your inbox again. So the only other suggestion for now from what I can find, is use the extra step until they fix it.

4. If the spam mails are already in your inbox, then just follow the same steps above, but you do not have to tick the never send it to spam check box because it isn't reported spam yet.

How to add an outside gadget to google sites.

There is a way to do this. You can see mine on my website to get an idea. First open two tabs, one for your Google Site, and one for your blog.

1. First you want to create a new blog

2. Select any template for now, then click on the Layout tab

3. Now you want to change the template, choose simple.

2. Click on the layout tab. and select Edit HTML

5. Add this line:
#navbar-iframe {
display: none !important;
put it right under the name of the blog template author, just after the */
This line takes out the blog nav bar on top.

4. Look for the following text:
body {
font-size: small;
background:#946496 repeat;

5. Click on your google site tab, and look for the image you uploaded. Right Click, and copy image location.

6. Click back to your blog tab and add the following line to the code in step 4:
background: #00000 url{url pointing to your image on your google site)

7. Click back on layout tab, and add a gadget. Select the HTML/JavaScript Gadget and paster your gadget code in the window.

8. Save and then click back to your website. Go to the page where you want the gadget, and select edit.

9. Click on insert, and then select more.

10. Do a search for Iframe

11. I prefer the one that says include gadget (iframe). You can turn off the scroll bar and choose your height and width.

12. Once you have your iframe the way you want it, click save.

This is good for gadgets that have multi functions, like a music gadget. Some gadgets you can add using the add by url when you click on more to insert gadgets, but this will only work for gadgets with one function.

You can also do this On the blog, but your really don't need to, unless you want to run seperate advertisements, like the ones that you get from widgetbucks. If you want to see how it looks, just visit my website just click on my website link on the top right.

http://elizabethgadget.blogspot.com to see how my gadget looks by itself.


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