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Saturday, June 27, 2009

1-2-3 How to convert a YouTube/Flash Movie Video to a DVD

So now you found that full length movie on YouTube but would much rather watch it on your television. Here is how you can do this for free.

You will need:
FlashGot - FireFox add-on for grabbing flash videos and saving them to your hard drive.
DeVeDe - Free video conversion software for windows and Linux. DeVeDe converts almost every type of movie file to DVD, DIVX, SVCD to just name a few.

  1. Now that you have installed flashgot in FireFox, you can go to Tools on your menu and go down to flashgot then select flashgot all. It will ask you where you would like to save your files, select your location. It is a good idea to save everything into one folder because not only will the videos download but some other files as well.
  2. Now that your download is complete open DeVeDe. In DeVeDe you need to add your flash videos. In the right side window select add and now browse to the folder where you saved your flash files. Select the .flv files
  3. You can choose different options on quality of sound and picture. Each video part has to be edited one part at a time. So that means if you decide to interlace the picture quality and use the convert to AC3 audio, than this has to be done for each individual file.

Friday, June 26, 2009

How to insert a slide show into a blog post

Yesterday I needed a slide show for one of my posts. Hearing that you could insert Google Docs into a post I decided to explore. Here is a power point presentation on how to just do that. You can also view the presentation in a new window by clicking menu then selecting the presentation title.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Enhance your Google Experience with FireFox

Google and FireFox work together in ways that are excellent and will make your experience with Google more fun and easier. On your FireFox menu bar select Tools and then select add-ons. Next do a search for Google and Gmail. You will find add-ons for FireFox for all of those things you always wanted to do with your Google Account but thought you couldn't.

Some of the nice little addons that are my personal favorite are:

  1. Firefox Universal Uploader (fireuploader) 0.4.1 - Upload to a wide list of web-sites, including Google Docs.
  2. Gmail Checker/Gmail Notifier - Run your gmail in your browser bar, also has the ability to check multiple inboxes.
  3. PowerBar - Not the best looking bar, but is big and has shortcuts for all Google features as well as a ton of other things.
  4. Stumble-Upon - Browse websites and discover new things.
  5. Better Gmail - Faster and better gmail in your browser.
  6. Xoopit - Stores images, videos and documents that you receive in emails.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ideas About Starting A Home Based Business with BLOGS: Create One Way Backlinks to Your Website - wikiHow

Ideas About Starting A Home Based Business with BLOGS: Create One Way Backlinks to Your Website - wikiHow

Here is a example backlink to my other blog on how to create a backlink to receive more hits in search engines.

Great article about creating backlinks.

A really good way that is very successful for getting more hits to your site is creating backlinks from one blog to another.

To create a backlink from one of your blogs to another is simple

1. Click on the comment below your post.

2. Select the create a link below the comment box.

3. Now select which blog you would like to create the backlink on.

This will create a new post, and you can then add more information in that post. Like the article states, search engines love backlinks.

If you are having problems getting your backlinks to work make sure that it is enabled in your blogger settings.

1. Login into Blogger.

2. Click on Settings

3. Click on the Comments link

4. Make sure that the following says Backlinks Default for Posts [New Posts Has Backlinks] in the dropdown box.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Three 3 Column Pyzam Template - Left and Right Panels

Here is my three column pyzam/rounders hacked template with left and right columns. Right now I am trying to fix the fonts so that when users are changing them, it makes sense. Any background will work with this, just replace the background: url(yourimage); with your own, adjust your colors and it's ready to go.

Hopefully I can clean up some font and color glitches in it before the weekend. For those of you who have used the rounders three column blogs, you may know that once you create your left column and then try to adjust the font colors, it takes a little fiddeling.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

How to notify your twitter followers when you publish a new blog post

You want everybody to know about your new post, which of course helps you get visitors and more visitors is more money.

First go to HelloTxt and register an account. From there you will see social networks that you can link HelloTxt to. Link your networks to your ping account, you may even see a few that you would like to signup with to increase even more visitors.

Now that your account is setup on HelloTxt, go to twitterfeed, and add your blog feeds. You of course need to setup a feedburner account for this to work. Select Twitter to send your posts, about every three hours I found works, and it keeps your followers. If you have alot of followers then the every hour post may be a better option. Now your posts will tweet, which HelloTxt will pick up and do the rest for you.

Note: If you choose to send to hellotxt, your posts will be tweeted without the link to the post. Don't select your blogs, otherwise your posts will post to each of your blogs.


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