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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Enhance your Google Experience with FireFox

Google and FireFox work together in ways that are excellent and will make your experience with Google more fun and easier. On your FireFox menu bar select Tools and then select add-ons. Next do a search for Google and Gmail. You will find add-ons for FireFox for all of those things you always wanted to do with your Google Account but thought you couldn't.

Some of the nice little addons that are my personal favorite are:

  1. Firefox Universal Uploader (fireuploader) 0.4.1 - Upload to a wide list of web-sites, including Google Docs.
  2. Gmail Checker/Gmail Notifier - Run your gmail in your browser bar, also has the ability to check multiple inboxes.
  3. PowerBar - Not the best looking bar, but is big and has shortcuts for all Google features as well as a ton of other things.
  4. Stumble-Upon - Browse websites and discover new things.
  5. Better Gmail - Faster and better gmail in your browser.
  6. Xoopit - Stores images, videos and documents that you receive in emails.

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