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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

How to notify your twitter followers when you publish a new blog post

You want everybody to know about your new post, which of course helps you get visitors and more visitors is more money.

First go to HelloTxt and register an account. From there you will see social networks that you can link HelloTxt to. Link your networks to your ping account, you may even see a few that you would like to signup with to increase even more visitors.

Now that your account is setup on HelloTxt, go to twitterfeed, and add your blog feeds. You of course need to setup a feedburner account for this to work. Select Twitter to send your posts, about every three hours I found works, and it keeps your followers. If you have alot of followers then the every hour post may be a better option. Now your posts will tweet, which HelloTxt will pick up and do the rest for you.

Note: If you choose to send to hellotxt, your posts will be tweeted without the link to the post. Don't select your blogs, otherwise your posts will post to each of your blogs.

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