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Monday, March 26, 2012

How to make your Google Blog Title Animated - Upload large animated gifs

Google Blogs now supports animated gif, which means now you are able to upload animation to your blog posts or import them from outside links.  You can also create your own animated blog post title like the one done on my new business blog, Elizabeth's Digital Business Cards."  Many sites do not support animated gifs beyond, at the most, three megabytes.  What you can do though is upload an animated gif to a blog post and than link it to your blog title.

Here are the steps:

  1. Create a new blog post
  2. Upload your photo using the insert image button than add selected
  3. Right click the photo in the compose mode of your blog post and copy image URL
  4. Go to your blogger settings, select the header gadget and paste your link in the header tab, under the area that says: From the web.  Paste an image URL below.
Note: You do not have to submit the blog post of your image for this to work but can actually save it as a draft.  This trick actually uploads all photos to your picasa account, which is automatically obtained upon the creation of a Google account.

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  1. How to animate title and display some bubbles like animated background ?



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