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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tutorial: How to repartition and increase app space MTK6582

Yet another MediaTek Android Tablet/Phone Hack

In order to repartition the MTK6582, all you need to do is refer back to the instructions written here, how to repartition MTK6572.  The concept is identical, the only difference is that the MTK6582 has an EBR2, like a few other well known MTK devices.  There are tutorials that you may have followed in a few forums, such as this one on XDA-Developers and a few others. The thing I noticed right away is that t MTK6582 is nothing more than an update of the MTK6572.

In terminal shell when you look at the EBR files, you will see something like, when entering in shell:

disktype EBR1

--- EBR1
Regular file, size 512 bytes
DOS/MBR partition map
Partition 1: 900 MiB (943718400 bytes, 1843200 sectors from 165888)
  Type 0x83 (Linux)
Partition 2: 126 MiB (132120576 bytes, 258048 sectors from 2009088)
  Type 0x83 (Linux)
Partition 3: 2.035 GiB (2185232384 bytes, 4268032 sectors from 2267136)
  Type 0x83 (Linux)
Partition 4: 2.000 TiB (2199023255040 bytes, 4294967295 sectors from 144384)
  Type 0x05 (Extended)

disktype EBR2 
--- EBR2
Regular file, size 512 bytes
DOS/MBR partition map
Partition 1: 1.997 TiB (2195677249024 bytes, 4288432127 sectors from 6390784)

  Type 0x83 (Linux)

EBR2 is an extension of your internal storage's partition, so if you want to use all of your internal storage for app storage, all you need to do is change, in the scatter.txt, the section "is_download: for EBR2 from true to false, just like this:

- partition_index: SYS14
  partition_name: EBR2
  file_name: EBR2
  is_download: false
  type: NORMAL_ROM
  linear_start_addr: 0x5300000
  physical_start_addr: 0x4700000
  partition_size: 0x80000
  region: EMMC_USER
  storage: HW_STORAGE_EMMC
  boundary_check: true
  is_reserved: false
  operation_type: UPDATE
  reserve: 0x00 

NOTE: If you do not want to use the entire storage, am not sure what would happen if you used the same mod with the EBR2 removed.

To update the scatter.txt codes, just follow these same directions for the MTK6572 so that your partition sizes match the partitions for the USERDATA and FAT.

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  1. some one please help ive done all steps 3 times now thinking id did something wrong uninstalling everything getting mtk tools and sp flash tools from diff sites but still when i use any of the mtk6582 ebr 1 and ebr 2 ive tried 13ig 10gig and 8 gig all i just get stuck at pumpkinx octa core screen btu if i flash my original ebr1 and 2 it works just fine please some one help me fast i want to play games and actually download appon this phone but it only allows me 1.5 gig for apps wich i nee just 2 gig to download vainglory any one ive tried all different ways in sp flash tools trying all diff ebr but only stock ones work



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