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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Free Resume Tip: Create an attractive Resume on #CapitalAreaHelpWanted.com

When posting your resume on CapitalAreaHelpWanted.com to apply for jobs you have probably noticed how there are no options to create an attractive resume using bullets, underline and bold.  There is actually a way around that when posting a resume on CapitalAreaHelpWanted.com's website, you can view how mine looks by clicking here to view it.

First, if you haven't already done so, is first create a resume using a word processing program, such as Microsft word or my personal favorite is LibreOffice Writer because it is free and you can save documents in *.doc Microsoft Word Format.  Once you have completed your resume at the top click File --> Save As and than save as a HTML document, you will need to change the file type from the default output format to HTML.  In the newer versions of word processing programs simply saving the resume as resume.html will also work.

Next open up your web browser and now on the menu bar you will need to go to File --> Open or use the shortcut/hotkey on your keyboard by pressing Ctrl+O.  Now browse to where the resume is save and open it.

To view the HTML source code for a Web page using Internet Explorer 3.x and later, click Source on the View menu. To view the HTML source code for a Web page using Internet Explorer 2.x, and FireFox you can right-click the Web page, and then click View Source.   FireFox's shortcut/hotkey is Ctrl+U on the keyboard.  In the new window that has opened, go to Edit on the menu bar and choose the option select all, the shortcut/hotkey on your keyboard is Ctrl+A.  Now go back to Edit on the menubar and choose Copy, the shortcut/hotkey on the keyboard is Ctrl+C.

Next go back to CapitalAreaHelpWanted.com and again you will need to go to the Edit on the menu bar and select Paste or use the shortcut/hotkey Ctrl+V.

*Note:  When creating a resume on CapitalAreaHelpWanted.com you have to use their name and address format at the top, so on your resume do not copy and paste or make sure that you have removed the name, address and telephone number field of the resume, just paste in the body of the resume is all that is needed.


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