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Sunday, January 15, 2012

How to get the facebook developer's Like box to work with Google blogger

To easily add a like box to your blogspot blog first you will need to create an app by going to the Facebook Developers website and clicking on the Get Started link to see their tutorial on creating your app.  The reason you need an app is so that you can obtain your own unique AppID for any app that you would like to use on Facebook, such as, the Like Box, the Facebook login button and networked blogs.  To make your personal like box go to the Like Box - Facebook Developers section. 

Once you are done setting up your Like Box at the bottom where it says Get Code, you want to change it to the IFrame than copy that code.  Next go to your blogger layout, add a new gadget, select the HTML/javascript and paste your code than save.

Click to enlarge

That is it, you are all done and you now have your own like box!



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