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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Add a Custom Google Search to your Google Blogpost

Adding a Custom Google Search to a website/blog can bring in extra revenue with a Google Adsense Account.  How it is used on your website/blog is the important part in earning revenue.  This tutorial will show you how to add a Custom Google Search to your Google blogpost and to learn how to make more use of a custom Google Search and earn extra revenue with Google Ad in a blogpost, click here to read more.

Step 1:

Go to your Google Adsense Account

Step 2:
Click on the My Ads Tab

Step 3:
Now click the link that says Search on the left pane

Step 4:
On the top click the tab that says New Custom Search Engine and fill in the fields as you wish.

Step 5:
Select Save and Get code and a iframe window will open, select the code, copy and than in the google blogpost where you want the code paste the code while you are in HTML mode when editing the post and your search bar will look like this.

Try mine out and enjoy!

Free tip:

Do you like how the eyeballs look on each side of my search bar pointing?  Once you have selected an image that suites your needs, add an image and than anchor each image on the left and right. To get them to fit on one line you may have to edit your Google Custom Search Engine size.   Once you have the images anchored, one on the left and the other on the right, just drag them to each side of the search bar.

To do this just change the character size from 55 characters to more or less, depending on your needs.

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