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Friday, February 24, 2012

Spice up your next blogpost - How to make any image animated on Google Blogs and websites!

This tutorial is actually so easy you are going to wonder why you never thought of it yourself. All you need is an image and a scrolling marquee html and you now have an animated picture on your blog post or even on your Google Blog sidebar within the Javascript/HTML Gadget.

Here is the code: 

<marquee><img src="http://yourimage.com></marquee>

Using an image of your own or one hosted from an outside website will work either way.  Simply upload the image or copy and paste the site where the image is being hosted.  Click on HTML at the top left while in compose mode of your Google Blog post and enter <marquee></marquee>.

Next while your mouse courser is in between <marquee></marquee> click on the image icon and choose one of the options below to upload your image to your Blog.

Add an image from your computer

Add another imageWe accept jpg, gif, bmp and png images, 8 MB maximum size

Or add an image from the web

Add another image
Learn more about using web images

You can even take an animated *.gif, like the one below, and add extra animation to it.  Just a quick note, for some reason animated *.gif images will not work hosted directly on a Google Blog.  If you wish to use an animated gif, it needs to be hosted from a website that supports animated gifs.



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